Climate Action Roadmap
Driving Urban Climate Action Through Collaboration

Innovative Solution

Natural Capitalism Solutions’ experts have worked on climate solutions since the mid-1970s. We have a broad network of municipal to global level leaders trying to tackle this issue. We have written some of the earliest and most widely read climate action books, drafted 100-day Presidential Climate Action Plans, and published climate protection guides for communities, companies and countries. We have facilitated energy summits for major metropolitan areas, helped flood-ravaged communities rebuild by integrating sustainability into their recovery plans, and consulted for communities across the globe on sustainable energy strategies, resilient community design, climate adaptation plans, and building the business case for climate protection. However, our own work and that of other leading entities is currently housed in disparate locations and not widely available to the general public or to city officials.

Project Impact

Scientists acknowledge that climate change threatens the future of civilization as we know it, and that the world’s poorest countries and communities will be significantly impacted. Humanity knows how to counter this existential threat, but efforts to date fall far short of what is needed. By making the best climate action options available to communities across the country and beyond, NCS will supercharge carbon reduction strategies and actions, dramatically increasing the rate of carbon reduction. A replicable roadmap will deliver measurable impact in CO2e emissions reductions, as well as providing parallel sustainable and resilient urban community benefits. International summits get the press, but the real work to counter climate change gets done in towns and cities across the globe. It is urgent that they get the tools that they need to do the job.

Our Goal

Natural Capitalism Solutions (NCS) seeks support to create a Climate Action Plan roadmap and toolkit for cities. We will leverage Natural Capitalism’s decades of experience working in communities on sustainability, economic development, resilience and climate protection to develop and implement a flexible roadmap, based on best practices that are emerging but not yet widely implemented around the world.