Carbon footprint calculators are key to the development and tracking of Climate Action Plans. While some of the templates listed under “Guides and Templates” feature their own calculator, you may find that you, your business, or your city may need a different format to accurately calculate your carbon usage. 



We recommend that EPA’s Household Carbon Footprint calculator for your individual carbon usage. You can access the online version here or download the spreadsheet below:

Download EPA Individual Carbon Calculator

If you would like to try other versions, feel free to explore these other online options:

The Nature Conservancy Carbon Footprint Calculator Carbon Calculator

WWF Footprint Calculator



Natural Capitalism Solutions created our own business-level carbon footprint template that contains emissions coefficients to calculate a carbon footprint estimation.  These calculations are important for assessing the environmental impact of a singular business and can also be used for scaling up to an entire city’s GHG emissions. You can download this template below, or you can use projects like the Colorado Carbon Fund to calculate the footprint of your business.

Download NCS Business Carbon Footprint Calculator



Government-level calculators are less common because they involve many inputs from your local municipality. You may find that it is easiest for you to work from our Guides / Templates page to begin creating your own individualized municipal carbon goals. Here are a few other online resources to get your emissions assessments started:’s Local Government Toolkit

California EPA’s Air Resource Board Local Government Protocol for Greenhouse Gas Assessments