VMapiew the Climate Action Roadmap (United StatesMap)



Few resources allow cities and interested community members to visualize Climate Action Plans in real time and space. Some roadmaps exist on the state level (such as the “Center for Climate Energy Solutions”), but our roadmap broadens these resources to the national scale.


This resource was developed by focusing on three main facets of the “roadmap.” We created a databank of existing national climate action plans, including plans from cities, counties, and states. Some of these plans are standalone and others are pulled from broader city development plans. The second aspect of this project is the assessment of gaps in the cataloged plans. They are assessed based on key categories deemed necessary for their comprehensiveness in developing an effective strategy for , adapting to, and building resilience towards a changing climate. This is locally dependent and based on several “best practices” as outlined by the researcher and the host organization. This assessment has allowed Natural Capitalism Solutions (NCS) to better inform municipalities on developing these plans, and added value to the company while allowing all to access the information and utilize it. The third aspect of developing the roadmap was creating business development practices utilizing the roadmap as a tool. The map is now being utilized to bring in new consulting projects and enhance already existing ones.


Want to see the details of the Climate Action Roadmap? Download the CAR Database or scroll through below.