As municipalities move forward in Climate Action Plan (CAP) development and implementation, it is imperative that lessons from current CAPs are considered. Reasonably, municipalities have limited resourced to apply to focus development areas, but neglected climate aspects are important to address. Analyzing the trends in CAP successes and failures helps guide other municipalities in their own CAP development and implementation. Additionally, these analyses highlight opportunities for municipalities to stand out as they address gaps and strengths of other comparably-sized areas.



For the following graphs, categories were rated by comprehensiveness. 165 cities, towns, and municipalities were evaluated to pool the following data. Green indicates that this category is fully comprehensive, meaning that each CAP addresses the issue and defines clear, actionable goals and follow-up procedures. Yellow indicates that this category is given moderate consideration or is referenced vaguely as part of the larger CAP goals. Red indicates that this category was not addressed in the CAP at all.






While the above graphs are useful for evaluating gaps in current CAPs, they do not evaluate the overall strengths and weaknesses of the pooled plans. In order to assess the overall comprehensiveness of the CAPs we investigated, we created the following graphs. The green, yellow and red evaluative measures still apply.