Chapter 5: Local Action Plan
Long Term Initiatives (Sustainable Energy)

This section describes what municipalities can do as a long term initiative for sustainable energy.  See the menu on the left for other sections within Chapter 5.
Table of Contents:
Planning for Sustainable Energy
How Does Your Community Meet its Needs for Energy Now
Envisioning a Sustainable Energy System
Efficient Use of Energy
Renewable Energy Sources
 – CASE STUDY: State of California
 – CASE STUDY: State of New Jersey
 – CASE STUDY: Santa Monica, CA
 – CASE STUDY: San Diego, CA
 – CASE STUDY: Chicago, IL
Bridging the Gaps Between Alternative Energy Scenarios
Best Renewable Energy Practices to Supply Fuel Examples
Delivering a Sustainable Energy Plan
Balancing the Existing Marketplace Away from Business-as-Usual
Primer on Sustainable Energy Sources
Primary Barriers to Address
Additional Resources for Sustainable Energy
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